Harvesting bone marrow is now fast and easy with the power-driven Bio-MAC® Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula from Biologic Therapies.

Available in 25mm, 45mm, 60mm, 80mm and 105mm lengths, the Bio-MAC’s varying lengths allow for bone marrow draws throughout the anatomy. In addition to the iliac crest, the proximal tibia, proximal humerus and calcaneus are now viable sites for easy bone marrow aspiration.

The Bio-MAC Bone Marrow Aspiration Cannula provides a safe, fast and efficient means of bone marrow harvest for providers of point-of-care Regenerative Cell Therapy. This therapy has been proven to be a highly effective treatment for bone, muscle, tendon, ligament and cartilage injuries. Plus, bone marrow is an excellent source for the cells and growth factors that are responsible for the healing and tissue regeneration process.

The Bio-MAC’s cannula contains eight large, smooth, bevel-edged fenestrations, which allow for gentle bone marrow aspiration. The Bio-MAC’s unique design also incorporates a proprietary plunger component that when inserted down the cannula creates a void (frac) where bone marrow pools. Together, the fenestrations and plunger-created void provide an approximately 120% greater draw area resulting in higher aspiration efficiency and an easier draw when compared to other.

Another leading feature of the Bio-MAC is the gentle insertion process. Unlike most traditional bone marrow aspiration devices, which are manually manipulated with brute force or a mallet, the Bio-MAC can be inserted with any standard surgical drill. This delivery system minimizes the potential for microfracturing, bruising and subsequent pain from ‘hammering’ other marrow aspiration cannulas into bone.

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Important features of the MAR0Max include:

– Surgical grade 304 Stainless Steel metal components
– Driver hub constructed from polyetherimide, which is superior to other polycarbonate products on the market
– Nickel plated rare earth magnet holds hub securely to driver during drilling insertion
– All components incorporate press-fit construction to eliminate hub breakage and separation during use
– Diamond-shape trocar cutting tip for fast, gentle drilling into bone
– All stainless steel components are mirror polished for added lubricity and ease of insertion.
– Cannula assembly & plunger withstand 300 pounds of pull for five minutes without stainless steel components separating from polyetherimide driver hubs. Other companies’ devices separate at just 15 pounds of pull.
– Cannula assembly & plunger withstand 25 inch-pounds of torque without stainless steel components twisting in driver hubs. Other devices twist at just 5 inch-pounds


The reason that bone marrow harvesting has earned a bad reputation over the years for being very painful is because of the way many doctors do it.

Some doctors use a mallet with an Imbibe bone marrow aspiration needle, which looks similar to that nail-like contraption you see the doctor pounding into the patient’s bone in the picture.

Thankfully, doctors don’t use claw hammers these days. That practice went out years ago. Now, they use surgical mallets like the one pictured to the right.

It’s easy to see why bone marrow collection with a mallet and Imbibe needle are done with the patient asleep and how patients can end up with painful bone bruising afterwards.

Other doctors use a modern Jamshidi to collect bone marrow, which is also a T-like device similar looking to the one pictured above. The biggest difference between the modern Jamshidi and the Imbibe is that the Jamshidi is not pounded in with a mallet. It’s actually forced through the bone by hand while twisting it back and forth.

Neither of these methods seem very pleasant, do they? Well they’re not!

The Bio-MAC advantages are three-fold:

1) The Bio-MAC’s gentle insertion process makes harvesting bone marrow relatively painless. So much so, that Dr. McKenna routinely harvests it in under local anesthesia while the patient is awake.

2) The Bio-MAC’s eliminates the type of damage that is caused by forcing a Jamshidi into the bone like serious bruising and pain that can sometimes last for months afterward.

3) The Bio-MAC greatly reduces trauma and turbidity (cloudiness and particles in the bone marrow), thus minimizing clotting, which increases the efficiency of the draw and can result in greater stem cell counts.

The Bio-MAC cannula system is just one of the advanced innovations that sets the Riordan-McKenna Institute apart.

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