BIOLIFE Scaffold

Global OrthoBiologic together with CPC Life Regeneration Lab private label their own scaffold.

The medical device is constituted by heterologous type I horse collagen, lyophilized and sterile, under the form of spongy pads, easily adaptable to the areas of application.

The medical device is indicated in surgical procedures in general and in vascular reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery, carotid surgery, abdominal and gynecological surgery (in the prevention of adhesions), orthopedic and trauma surgery, dentistry surgery and in laparoscopic procedures for the control of bleeding areas

Treatment of skin lesions of different etiology such as chronic and acute skin ulcers difficult to heal, venous and diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, as support to the physiological process of wound healing.

Notwithstanding its excellent hemostatic properties, the device must not replace ligation or direct compression procedures in case of heavy bleedings. Anticoagulant therapies do not interfere with its activity.