In Educell ltd., a Slovenian company established in 1997 and until present involved in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, we have developed an intraoperative, easy to handle and effective procedure for isolation of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) from lipoaspirates.

Characteristics of our AdipoART procedure:- It uses adipose tissue where vast majority of the cells are present and discards aqueous phase with majority of oils and tumescence fluid (e.g. lidocaine)

– It uses enzymatic digestion (GMP grade reagent) of adipose tissue to ensure maximum efficacy of cell retrieval
– The environment for enzymatic digestion is achieved on site without any additional equipment
– We are able to process 80 ml adipose tissue (120 ml lipoaspirate) using an ordinary centrifuge. We can scale up the process, if necessary.
– The AdipoART procedure takes 70 minutes (during which it is possible to perform the rest of the liposuction)
– It is easy to perform and uses materials already common in operating theaters
– AdipoART yields: * determined with fibroblast colony forming (CFU-F) assay