Autologous Collecting Blood
FastBlood™ was developed to facilitate the blood saving policy, ensuring a careful and safe post-operative auto-transfusion blood management. It is dedicated to all patients undergoing hip and knee arthroplasty, both has first implant and revision. FastBlood™ has been conceived to allow the patient’s blood collection and reinfusion in the postoperative phase of orthopedic surgery by closed circuit. The system is entirely pre-connected, and is equipped with three stages of filtration to ensure the quality of the reinfused blood.

• Suction line with connection possibilities up to 3 drains (Ø 6 to 17 CH). The terminal fitting is provided with two zones of pre-breakage to allow the insertion of the drain chosen, through a simple rotation of the terminal tip, avoiding use of sterile scissors.
• Collection reservoir with a 800 ml capacity, 200 µm mesh filter, suction system lure lock connection (BTC Vacuum Box) protected by hydrophobic and blood repellent filter, and vacuum signaling red colored system.
• The reservoir is also equipped with two hooks to allow easy attachment to the patient’s bedside.
• Infusion bag of 750 ml volume with a 120µm mesh filter. The bag is connected with the transfusion I.V. set 40µm filter, which allows the effective removal of all micro aggregates, and is provided with an emergency third port for connection of an additional transfusion set.
• Afterwards to the auto transfusion, the system can be used as efficient drainage device of the closed wound.
• Rigid packaging in double sterile pouch, to ensure better management and sterile manipulation.

Triple filtration system (200 µm – 120 µm – 40 µm)

• Completely closed circuit, avoiding any risk of external contamination, and approved by all religious confessions
• Separation system for the collected blood supernatant preventing the reinfusion of lipid components and free hemoglobin
• Multiple auto-transfusions possible
• Independent vacuum unit, with controlled electronic suction, to facilitate hemostasis and prevent the onset of hematomas
• Irradiation sterilization thus free from ethylene oxide residues, which are highly toxic and carcinogenic for humans (1-5)
• Reduced risk of transfusion reactions and related infections.
• Latex Free device, and also free of PVC DEHP and BPA, which are highly toxic to humans and also associated with cardiac disorders (6-9)