FRII® is a newly founded company focused on arthroscopic surgery. The evolution of arthroscopic surgery has been one of the major developments in orthopedic surgery in the recent past: it has dramatically changed the orthopedic surgeon’s approach to joint pathology.

The 1st Integrated Cordless Single-use shaver system for arthroscopy. Powerful and  reliable, light and ergonomic, it’s always ready to use.

FRIIpower® is a “breakthrough” product in the field of arthroscopic powered cutting instruments. It consists of two components: a reusable internal device containing the system core (the electric supply source, the power source, and the control unit) and an external single-use operating body, capable of resecting and removing soft tissue or bony tissue. The result is a light and ergonomic handpiece, ready to use without preparation or sterilization, making the arthroscopic surgery more effective, with innovative features.

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