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HemaClear Sterile & Bloodless Surgical Field

HemaClear® is a line of innovative science-backed, sterile, single-use devices for the safe and effective removal of blood from the limbs, while blocking its re-entry. HemaClear® has been used in about a million procedures worldwide in over 25 countries, with an outstanding safety track record.


The HemaClear device for limb occlusion and exsanguination has many advantages to users:

  • Fast & Easy – Removes blood and provides arterial occlusion within 12 seconds.
  • Reduces complication rates – Eliminates cross contamination and Surgical Site Infection (SSI).
  • Cost effective – Eliminates the need for reprocessing as the tourniquets are disposable.
  • Provides optimal exsanguination – Removes more than 95% of the blood from the surgical site.
  • Full range of sizes – Covers infants to obese adults.

See more at:   http://www.hemaclear.com/