KidCare -pediatric orthopedic solution1
KidCare -pediatric orthopedic solution

Kidcare was founded in 2012 with the aim of supporting the pediatric orthopedic in childcare. Manufactures instruments and surgical devices designed exclusively bone skeletal anatomy of the smallest, as a result of trauma and / or bone disease need surgery. In this way, the surgeon is forced to adapt products made for an older audience, the complete benefit of health and serenity of the young patients.

The Kidcare activities is characterized pediatric orthopedic and more precisely:

– analysis of the problems in the process of bone growth
– research and development for the realization of synthesis means suitable
– scientific and technical support to the industry
– promotion of educational activities and educational
– marketing orthopedic fixation devices

K.Plate system for gradual correction of pediatric deformities

The K.nails system is used primarily for the management of diaphysis and metaphyseal fractures in children. It is composed of two nails and a cup and it

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